October 1

After the Bush Fires



After the devastation of the New Years bushfires our beautiful town was isolated for weeks, without lots of services, all visitors had to be evacuated……

Months later, and after further isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are beginning to see positive signs of recovery and growth. As restrictions ease we hope our town sees many new and returning visitors.

Our Recovery committee has been elected and now can get on with helping our town be better than ever. Locals have been supportive of each other and many have gone above and beyond in their efforts.

We will welcome all visitors, and want to see our regular holiday makers return when it is safe for everyone.

The fishing will be awesome as there has been restrictions on boating and fishing. The lake and ocean are crystal clear and the fish have had a break from anglers.

The entrance is open to the ocean and the lake seems healthy. Betka Beach has also opened and we are hoping it stays so.

Beaches have recovered well, and also are crystal clear, with whale watching season about to begin.

Some walking and bike tracks have been repaired, and works continue….

Damaged and destroyed homes are being cleared and this should be complete in August. Some homes are being rebuilt already.


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