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Preparing to Sell



You will receive all sorts of advice from people telling you how to market and sell your property; Go to auction, sell by private sale, use local newspapers, use the internet, etc etc. We will also give regular feedback on how many hits on the website, phone calls, offers, general interest, and any special marketing ( eg house of the week, or inclusion in holiday brochures.)

At Mallacoota Property Sales we know there are many methods to market any property, and no matter which method(s) you choose, we will back you 100%, aiming to achieve the best possible price for you in the shortest possible time.

We will not tell you an over-inflated price simply to obtain the listing as this is a waste of everybody’s time . With over 40 years experience in selling and development of properties, we will give an honest estimate of what you can reasonably expect from the present market. Realistic valuation is a skill only years of dealing in real estate can develop. We will also listen carefully to your opinions and information concerning your property.

Mallacoota Property Sales consistently  uses the recognised number one  marketing/advertising tool – www.realestate.com.au  Using this site gives us an audience Australia (and World)wide, and is the first search site most purchasers investigate.

Once we have inspected your property we shall provide you with specific advice. Here are a few general tips but please talk to us before you proceed with any of these;


First impressions are important. If buyers do not like the outside. they probably will not return to see the inside;

Keep the garden neat and tidy. Perhaps invest in some pots of color,or rearrange garden furniture to give the impression of useful areas, and remove any rubbish or clutter.

Tidy and de-clutter your garage, carport, workshop.


Light makes rooms look more spacious. Open all window furnishings. Replace dead light globes and consider using some high output globes.


Give the impression of space. Store items that do not add to the ambience of a room. Less is best.

Kitchen benches in particular should be uncluttered.

Have as little on benches as possible;put appliances away; make sure the area is clean and tidy.


Clean and repair where necessary.


Bathrooms and kitchens are always a focus so ensure they are sparkling. Repair grout or sealant where required and polish fittings.Have some decorator items that give a bit of “wow” factor.


Wax/polish timber floors and steam clean carpets where necessary.


Paint is your best investment as it makes the whole house smell clean and look neat. A general clean up (remove any sticky tape or tacks. wash walls etc.) and minor repairs may suffice.



Nothing smells better. On warm days. Open windows and blinds and ensure there are no pet odours.

While your house is for sale be “inspection ready”, with beds made, dishes away, lawns mowed, we do try to give a days notice for inspection sometimes a client wants to see it “now”, and this person could be your buyer. Often a query will come from a visitor who has limited time in Mallacoota. For this reason we do not work “office hours”, but are available at all times by phone contact and can generally meet people immediately or within a few hours.

This is possibly your most important asset, and we will treat it as such , trying our best to obtain the highest possible sale price.

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